We are doing this

A week ago Jim and I said goodbye to the house we’ve lived in for nearly ten years. We then moved our family – two adults, two kids and a dog – into our new home for the next 12 months, a 7×3 metre campervan*.

Why the hell would you want to do that? …is the obvious legitimate question.

Rewind a couple of years. We’d both been off for a few days over the summer holidays, spending time with the kids, switching off from work and our usual routines. One evening, when I think we’d had too much sun (and possibly red wine?), we ended up having a pretty typical conversation about how we wished we could travel more as a family. How we were always waiting for the weekend or the next holiday. How when we did get quality time together it always felt rushed and we were usually too tired to enjoy it.

Were we living the life we really wanted, or one that was expected of us? We’d always had this dream to take the kids travelling while they were still young. Would it be possible to just step out for a while, to slow down and focus on doing the things we love as a family?

From the outside everything seemed great, but something was missing and we both felt it. My lovely dad, who always lived his life to the fullest, used to tell me – do what makes you happy, and if you’re not, do something to change it.

We started to make a plan. We thought about the practicalities of taking a year out to travel. We’re usually good at finding cheap flights and accomodation, but costs could easily rack up over a year. This would defeat the object when the motivation was to have more freedom, both literally and financially. So we looked at other ways to make it work.

A few years ago we had a Volkswagen T4 and it was amazing to take off whenever and wherever we wanted. One of our favourite memories was wild camping around Scotland.

A few years later we were on holiday in Croatia and were so envious of the families in campervans who had freedom to explore and move on to the next stunning beach. We’ve always been drawn to the idea of van life. I guess we’re just a couple of hippies at heart!

Then there are friends of ours who stay in the Alps during winter in their motorhome. Perhaps the right van would give us the opportunity to do more snowboarding, which is our absolute favourite thing to do as a family. This pretty much confirmed it for Jim! The idea of travelling around Europe in a campervan was born.

But, what about our jobs, mortgage, school, family and all the other stuff that ties us into everyday life? Could we leave all of those things? Was it even possible?

I’d be lying if I said it had been straightforward. At times it’s been a struggle. I could write more about the obstacles we’ve had to overcome, but for now let’s just say modern society doesn’t make it that easy to step out for a while.

However, I’m writing this post from our campervan, parked in the French Alps, surrounded by arguably some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. So I can confirm that it is definitely possible.

We know that it won’t all be plain sailing. One week in and there have already been a few tense moments. But we’re sure it will all be worth it to experience a year of amazing adventures – exploring new places, living more simply and embracing a different way of life.

We are doing this.

*otherwise known as a motorhome, which sounds less cool and more Saga.

24 thoughts on “We are doing this

    1. Thanks lovely appreciate the comment and sorry for not replying sooner, yours and a few others went in a spam folder for some reason 🤦‍♀️ xx

  1. I am so pleased for you all, what an amazing experience it will be. We all spend so much of our lives planning and thinking about what we might do in the future but in reality you have to make it happen and it’s never as easy as it looks in FB and Insta. Well done you for making it happen!!!

    1. Thank you so much and sorry for not replying sooner, some comments have been going in a spam folder 🤦‍♀️ x

  2. Such a great writer. I Love this! Feel like we’re there with you! Keep up the blog! Enjoy every minute. It’s a cool once in a lifetime thing you’re doing… although I have a feeling you and Jim will do something else like this down the line!!😉 x

    1. Thank you for the really nice feedback it’s appreciated 😊 In some ways we do see this as just the beginning, we want to stay open minded for the future! x

  3. How amazing to get off the wheel and spend all that precious time as a family. I will look forward to your blog and send lots of love x

    1. Thanks lovely… I’ve only just seen this comment as it went in a spam folder for some reason 🙈 thank you all going ok 6 weeks in now can’t believe it 🤣 xx

  4. Really enjoying following your adventures so far. Very inspiring. Would love to know a bit more about how you really do sort out of “normal” life. School- jobs etc

    1. I’ve touched on this a bit in my latest post and will write more about the practicalities especially around school stuff. Thank you for the nice comment 👍 x

  5. Absolutely fantastic so chuffed for you all. If there is one family I know that would /could do this, its you guy’s. Seeing Jim’s face after the tour was like seeing his face talking about it 30 long years ago. We live our life’s now in this moment and your grabbing it with both hands. At last Jim won’t worry about time 😂.
    Love to you all from the Adam’s family xx

    1. Ah Ads cheers… Lovely to read your comment. We’ve definitely decided that life is too short not to make the most of it. Jim defo ticked one off his bucket list with the tour 🤣 x

  6. What a fantastic idea. And good for you making it a reality. Lots of people dream but very few follow their dreams. Power to you. Will be following xx

    1. Thank you Elaine. Adventuring is in our genes I think – I know that dad would have been fully behind it! Hope you enjoy, will be asking for Corsica tips nearer the time x x

  7. Best wishes to you on your journey. Any problems you may encounter will have been experienced by others before you. Check out the motor home group sites for your van loads of advice available don’t be afraid too ask. A year will go faster than you think

    1. Cheers Nobby will do – had a couple of ‘moments’ already and we’re sure there will be more to come. All part of the fun (hopefully) 😂

  8. Absolutely loved reading this, great writer, you are really making us think about things!!!!! You’ve shown you can get around obstacles we all have within our lives and following a more relaxed less structure life we could all do with! your all come bk looking more youthful. Enjoy xxxx

    1. Thanks Hannah, it’s not been without stressful moments, think we are all adjusting, but it’s been amazing so far. Ha ha I really hope we do 🤣 xxx

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