Beautiful Beaulieu

When we arrived in Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne it was already getting dark. Once we’d found the aire and got settled, we put the kids to bed, opened a bottle of wine and sat outside to enjoy the peace and quiet. After hours on the road and being confined to a small space we are learning to make the most of these tranquil moments!

The next morning we could really appreciate what a great little spot it was – peaceful, shaded and alongside a small arm of the Dordogne river. We also had electric hookup for the first time so took full advantage and plugged everything in.

The aire is only a short walk from the town so we spent some time exploring. Beaulieu means, literally, ‘beautiful place’ and I can’t think of a better description.

The medieval town centre was originally dominated by the 9th century Abbey of St Pierre. This was destroyed during the French Revolution and only the abbey church survived, which is still pretty impressive. 

The town is also famous locally for its strawberry festival held in May. There are wooden strawberries hanging from all the shop doorways.

We had very good coffee and croissants from the boulangerie opposite the abbey church. Although Ivan declared at this point that he doesn’t like ‘French croissants’, apart from the individually wrapped supermarket ones. Sorry France.

Eden and Ivan (plus Terry the toucan) also had their first chance to play and swim in the Dordogne river.

The second night a family from Cornwall parked up next to us and we ended up having a few drinks together. They were spending six weeks travelling around France in a very large, luxurious motorhome. With air conditioning. Total van envy. We didn’t get their contact details – if you read this Andrew and Beverley thanks for the Cornish gin!

After a couple of nights we were a bit sad to leave this gorgeous spot. Beaulieu truly lives up to its name.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Beaulieu

  1. Ahoi jim sparrow and maties we have been reading the diary you have been keeping. youre road ship the pearl still did not reached the coast so we think you lot are having a bloody good time and no time to type (i can understand)or the french are blocking youre diary any way keep on going .Oh i forgot sara watch out for trojan horses or (h)appy dutch man

  2. Ahoy there Appy! ☠️ We hope you and your good lady are well? Good to hear from you! We’re currently in Porto which is an amazing city and definitely worth a visit in the future. We’ve had some interesting journeys in the ‘Black Pearl’ in Portugal already – crazy drivers and roads plus you can throw the sat nav in the bin!! We just came from Galicia which we loved. Good wild camping on the beach!!! 👌And good waves too. Keep following and keep in touch 😁🤘All the best from Jim Sparrow and Sarah 😂😂

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